Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 7

Hello Hello!!
This week has been an absolutely amazing week! I can't believe im starting week 8 here at the MTC!!! They do weeks in an interesting fashion since my first week technically started from day 1 in the MTC so it was only half a week, and week 12 will be the day that I leave, so I only have 4 more weeks here! Time has flown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking about leaving to Sydney in less than a month gives me a mix of emotions. Part of me wants to jump on a plane right now so I can preach what I know to be true and see the change in others' lives, while another part of me thinks I need to stay and learn how to be a better missionary and learn the language better. I know that I am progressing well and the language continues to come at a steady rate. My teacher and I recently had an interview ( they do that about every week or so in order to make sure we are progressing well and counsel with us) and she mentioned that she has seen my learning keep on a steady climb which she felt was a very good thing because when she was in the MTC, her learning ebbed and flowed. So I guess that's good right?? :)  It's hard to see the amount that I am learning from day to day, but every once in a while I will get a glimpse of how much I have improved. For instance, last Saturday, we had TRC where volounteers come in. We taught 4 volounteers who spoke very good Cantonese since 1 is from Hong Kong and the other 3 served there, and I understood a LOT of what they said. I was very surprised! It was good to see the improvement and the blessings that pay off from hard work, but I know i still need to remain humble and all of the thanks and glory go to My Father in Heaven. 

Elder Whilte, my new companion is the BEST!! He's everything I've been praying for and more. This Elder has humility like nobody else I've ever met. The first night here, i was helping him review some things and teaching him a couple pointers to help out and he stopped me and said "Elder, I think I need to pray before I can learn more." So we knelt down and he offered the most pleading and begging prayer I've heard in my life. It was as if he were bowing at the Lord's throne and pleading for help and mercy. The spirit infused my sould and I knew that this elder was called to be here and that the Lord expects me to help him. I had the greatest desire to help him in any way that I can and I realized how special this Elder is to the Lord. It was a humbling experience for me as well as for him. 

I have a testimony that the Lord calls his missionaries when are where they are to be called. There is no coincidence here in missionary work. Our investigators are coming along well. Please pray for us and Fuhng Taai. She's had problems with her husband being supportive to her receiving the lessons, and she is ready for baptism, but she can't receive it without his approval, and she greatly fears if she talks to him about it, he will leave her and her daughter. From what she has said, he doesn't sound like a very good and supportive husband, but we have no idea how to proceed right now. When she mentioned this, I told her to not talk to him yet, but that we would fast for her and that when we meet next Tuesday, we will discuss what the Lord's will is. I still don't know what I am to say to her after having fasted and prayed greatly, but I trust in the Lord that he will inform us through the Spirit in the moment of our need. Michelle, I wanted to say thank you to you and Chris for your desire and efforts in helping the missionaries! Having members present is such a wonderful tool to use in the conversion process of investigators! I really want to do that when I get home. I hope I will always be missionary minded even after my mission. I LOVE THIS WORK!!

 I am having such an amazing and life changing experience out here on the Mission. Thank you so much for your constant thoughts and prayers. I have been praying that the Lord will bless me by blessing my family and friends back home but I keep seeing blessings being showered upon me. I pray and say something like "Father, I have more than enough, please, other's need my blessings more than I do, bless them instead of me," but I have a hard time believing He's honoring my request since I keep seeing blessing upon blessing poured out upon me. But I guess this is because you are all praying for me and He honors your prayers. I have developed a much closer relationship with my Father and encourage all to do so. Pray is an amazing tool and I feel so close to my Father when I address Him in prayer. I love the song "A child's prayer" where it states "pray, He is there, Speak, He is listening." because I know that is 100% true. He listens to our pleas and answers with more love and admiration I ever thought possible. I love you all and love my Savior Jesus Christ for granting me this opportunity to serve Him and become more like He is.
Elder Shafer

He was also able to send us a few pictures! (He is just so cute, but I am just a little biased!)

The first couple are with my Cantonese District and the Older District. Sister Larson is the small one that always does peace signs, Sister Palmer has the long dark hair, And sister Ainge is the other Cantonese Sister. Elder Staheli is my old companion ( he doesn't smile a whole lot, but is a pretty happy guy still! :) ) and then there's Brother Fogt and Sister Black, they are 2 of the teachers here.  We have a new teacher, Sister Farr, and guess what? She's Emma Smith in the new Joseph Smith movie playing at SLC temple square!! I think that's pretty cool! The other teacher isn't shown here, shes a native though. Anika has a picture with her in it when we met the Ambassador from Australia and Sri Lanka to the U.S. You can ask her to scan a copy of it and email it to you, we felt like royalty :) My new companion, Elder White is shown in a couple with me. and the other random people are English Elders who really like me (for some reason) and so they wanted some pictures with me.

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