Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sydney Week 9

*Disclaimer, not the most spiritual post.....

Sorry this week is going to be shorter. We are doing a big zone p-day activity and going up to feed wild kangaroos!!!! Pictures for sure to come next week :) I had this wonderful idea this week, however... it didn't work :( I tried to take a mini video clip and send it as an attachment like a video clip, but I dont think it will allow me to send it. Probably too big. 

Quick story regarding the shirtless missionaries and the nasty bathroom...... One of the other Elder's in our flat ( I will keep his name anonymous so he doesn't feel embarrassed) flushed paper towels down the toilet because he didn't know that it would clog the drain. When the other two elders were both using the two seperate showers.... the main drain line was clogged without them knowing. Thus when I looked down the hallway the hall was SOAKED with water. There is a drain in the bathroom floor that is the main drain spout for the APT, that's what was backed up and it was pouring out heaps of water all over our apt. Needless to say... it was several hours before the apt was suitable enough for us to even leave without coming back and having sewage water all over our carpet. A carpet cleaner had to come in and try to get the brown stains out of our carpet but I think it could use a second go cuz it still doesn't look quite the same color as it did before we had heaps of water and a bit of sewage pouring onto our hallway haha. Sorry, that's all the time I have for today :( but next week I will have pictures of me feeding live kangaroos!! That'll be sweet!!!! :) 

Love you all so much, this week was amazing! Transfers are going to be next week, so I am not sure If I will get to write Mon, Tue, or if at all. We will see! 

Elder Shafer

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