Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sydney Week 21

Happy (late) Cinco de Mayo!! The Mexican restaurant here in Sydney was selling burritos at half price, but unfortunately, it was on Sunday, so we could not go and reap the benefits :(  I got a new companion this week, and I stayed in the City! :) WOOHOO!!! It was hard to see Elder Dade go, but that's the reality of missionary service, they come and then they go. He will be an incredible servant for the rest of his life though, he is truly converted unto the gospel and unto Christ. Elder Yoshizawa (yo shee zow uh*) He is from fukuoka, Japan and is awesome! He has only been learning English for 1 year since he started speaking when he started his mission. I can't find my card reader this week for some reason i didn't put it back in my camera case, but I will send pictures next week of Him. He is true Japanese through and through though. He walks into our flat, takes off his shoes, and puts on slippers :) hahaha I had forgotten that they did that and many other great little things he does. But I already love him and know he and I will get along great! Plus, we now have someone to teach all of these Japanese investigators! :) 

My core experience with God this week was in setting 2 baptismal dates that are very solid. Especially the miracle came with Jodie's lesson. It was the coolest thing! We were there talking and the fellowshipper was telling a story, and while listening to her, the thought came to mind to ask Jodie if she wanted a blessing regarding something that was making her feel nervous towards baptism. I remembered that the sisters had mentioned previously she had wanted one, but then she decided she'd be okay without it. At this time, I felt the prompting come though to ask her if she would like a blessing. Right when the fellowship finished her story, Jodie spoke up immediately, before I could ask, turned to me and said "Elder Shafer, I think I'd like a blessing to help me be baptized." Honest, to goodness, I smiled from ear to ear, and a small chuckle escaped out of my mouth because I was surprised. She asked why I laughed, and I explained the miracle that had happened and testified to her that the Holy Ghost is very real, that He is leading and guiding us, and I would be glad to give her a priesthood blessing. We did so after the lesson and she is now feeling very confident and looks happier than she ever has been before. 
One thing this week I would like to change to help build my faith is push out all feelings of doubt or "what-ifs" Because of the number of potentials or investigators that dodge appointments, sometimes I find myself doubting that they will actually come, doubting people will be available to fellowship at an inconvenient time and so on. I need to push out all feelings or thoughts of doubt and keep believing that good things will come. Even if it is not what I have planned, showing my faith in the Lord will bring forth miracles. 
I am very excited to be with my new companion. He is one of the most humble and sincere people I have met. He is very soft spoken but extremely generous and kind. I know we will see great success here together!

My time is up, but I love you all. Have included my letter to president. Please keep John, Jodie, and Sonam in your prayers as they will be getting baptized in 3 weeks time on the 25'th of May! :)


Elder Shafer

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