Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sydney Week 26

How ya'lls goin? (common phrase used in the bush here :b) Today is the day they celebrate Queen Victoria's b-day... not exactly sure why they do that here, but I think they just wanted an excuse to have another holiday haha :) This week was fantastic with John getting baptized. I'll have my letter to President explain that situation:

I will definitely keep you in my prayers daily as you seek revelation for where the missionaries should go with this upcoming pivotal transfer. I will also seek inspiration and comfort to accept the Lord's will regarding where I shall serve. I don't expect it will be difficult though, my theme has always been and ever will be "I'll go where you want me to go." This week my core experience with God came at John's baptism. He is definitely converted to Christ. Over the pulpit after his baptism he announced he wanted to be a missionary. Immediately after he came up out of the water, he just says "wow!" The change in him over the past 2 months has been immense. He truly is one who will build the kingdom here in Sydney, Australia. Also, his best friend, Fancy, came to support him and when I asked her about it. She stated: "I was shocked! Right when John went into the water, I felt a big shock enter my body, I have never felt that before, I dont know what it is." I was shocked by her answer for just a brief second and with a big smile explained to her more about the Holy Ghost. John has already said he will be fellow shipping for her lessons and we will be meeting with her often just after her exams this upcoming week. 
One insight I gained from Sacrament meeting this week was how much the Lord prepares people, and how merciful He is to help us gain knowledge when we seek it. A recent convert of only 2 weeks spoke yesterday of her experience in participating in temple baptisms. She explained completely and clearly the doctrine of why baptism is so important, why we perform baptisms for the dead, and how the temple empowers us. She did an excellent job and I was thoroughly impressed by her understanding and testimony that she already has of these eternal truths. He truly prepares people and guides them through the Spirit. 

Elder Yoshizawa and I have great plans to make this a great week. Though we have had 3 baptisms in the past 2 weeks, we still are not quite pleased with the overall future status of our area as it is now. We have had difficulty in keeping our area completely escalating, but this week we have good plans set in store to rebuild our area and truly have it be set up as an escalating area for the future. I feel, as I counselled with you that my time here in the city is coming to a close, and I truly want to turn it over to the next missionaries much stronger than when I found it, and in a constant, steady pattern of progression. I know that with trust in the Almighty, we can continue to progress and continue upward and onward. 

Yeah, so it was a great weekend for sure :) I am so proud of these recent converts!! They are so solid! Sonam is having difficulty finding a job, that is affecting her a lot because she has recently graduated with her degree and expected to jump into a career but now has only been able to find temporary jobs here and there that are barely paying the bills. Please keep her in your prayers that she can find good employment. 

Well.... the truth should be stated. I believe I will be transferred next week, and I believe I will go to the South mission. Which means I will be in the new mission with the new Mission President. When I had an interview with President Howes the other week, he said some things that made it pretty easy to tell I would most likely leave the city, and truth be told, when Elder Yoshizawa came, I was expecting that as well. Most of the Cantonese speaking missionaries will go to the South Mission, so I have started to get things in order (making sure I have people contact info, creating small gifts for recent converts, and so on) so that way it doesn't turn into a mad rush like many missionaries have had in the past. Many times after missionaries hear they are being transferred they shut down. They get quite sad that they have to say goodbye and end up wasting a lot of time rushing around getting things completed they want to do before they leave. Seeing this has made me do some planning ahead so that I don't have to waste any time here. 

My time is almost up here, so I have to go. Love you all so much!  

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