Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Canberra Zone Week 9

Hello Everyone!!!!
Sorry this week's email is really short, had some other things that interrupted email time. Been a FANTASTIC week though!!!! :) Wish I could write more about it, but here is President's letter:
What an amazing week! We were able to set a baptismal date with our new investigator, Noni. She is the one that was a referral from We had dinner and then a lesson afterward at a member's home. Even though the kids kept running in and out, it was a great lesson. We helped to answer her questions regarding the Plan of Salvation. She asked a wonderful question right when we were beginning. She sasked "What is the Atonement, I don't quite understand how that works. I know that because Jesus Christ died for us, all of us will live again, but how does Him dying for us allow us to be clean from our sin?" Such a great question, and one that we were thrilled to help her understand. She is very interested in learning more about the gospel. Later that night, we texted her just saying thanks again for allowing us to teach and to say we are excited to see her at church and she replied that she couldn't stop smiling about the thought that she will be getting baptized. I have never seen someone so prepared and just ready to learn. Her and her daughters will be benefitted so much from the gospel. She even invited her sister to come to church the following Sunday, but she wasn't able to attend yesterday. Hopefully this week she can. We are going over there this Wednesday night with the YM to help mow her lawn, supposedly it is HUGE and takes her 2 hours to mow by herself. So we got the ward involved in some service to help her and hopefully her sisters will be inclined to come and meet the YM. Could help them start some good friendships and desire to come to church as well! I have loved so much more being able to coordinate work with the members and have them help us in misionary work all the time. Elder White and I have really been trying to involve members in everything that we do, whether it be lessons, service, finding... anything! It has really started paying off as well, the ward continues to grow in excitement for missionary work.

This week, I studied more about Revelation Through Church Attendance. It was so good! I rated myself at an average of 4.5/5. One area I have been trying to work on and I have seen how important it is, is to inform the teachers, auxillary members, and the Bishop on who is planning on coming to church and making sure there is good fellowship to help them feel welcome the whole time through. As we have been making a lot of calls to different people and asking them to help our investigators, it gets them excited and lessens the stress on us A LOT! We can get ready in the morning not having to worry about who will say hello, who will be teaching and so on because we have already coordinated it. When the teachers know about non-members coming, they will expect them and can welcome them instead of it being a surprise, when ward members know we expect them to specifically take care of one person or a family and help them feel comfortable, we find that they are early to church, have a place reserved and are anxiously waiting whereas sometimes they come in after the meeting has started or just sit by themselves toward the back. Helping people create friendships and come outside of their "zone" is great! Our investigators really appreciate having so many people welcome them, but also having that one close friend to help answer their questions and help guide them is invaluable. So glad to be here and to be working with these wonderful people!!! Missionary work is the greatest!

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