Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Canberra Zone Week 26

Dear Everyone,

Happy rainy March! There have finally been some showers and some cloudy weather here in Canberra that have cooled things down a bit and get me excited for some cooler weather. I actually had to put on a jumper (aka sweater) the other day to not get too cold outside. I have come to appreciate colder weather since I have been here because there is not much worse than sweating heaps in dress clothes haha. This week, Noni, who was baptized just the other month went home teaching, was home taught, and received a calling in the ward. We were really excited for this to happen because now she can share her talents with others and bless their lives. Plus, she has such a strong desire to serve that now can be better satisfied. The miracles keep rolling along here in Canberra, we have several baptisms that should be happening in the zone this upcoming month, and hopefully Reza (our investigator from Iran) will be baptized as well. It has been hard for him to come to church recently because he Co-owns a hotel and often has to stay to work when they fill up their rooms, but hopefully they can hire some more staff to help out. Please keep him in your prayers :)

We have mission leadership conference up in Sydney today so today's letter will be shorter, but I hope you all have a great week! Love ya heaps!!

Letter to President Lew:

This week had some down turns in that a couple investigators and less actives expressed the desire to not meet with missionaries anymore which is always saddening, but it was also good in us being able to continue to go to the rescue and visit many less active members. We also had some great lessons with members who have identified those people that they feel may be a "4" or "5" and that they are setting up plans and making goals on how to help those people progress. One of the greatest experiences I had this week was with the Fisher Family. The husband is the assistant ward mission leader and his son will be going on a mission shortly, and so they are quite missionary focused. After dinner with them, we role played on how they would invite their friends to a family home evening in their home. When the role plays started, the wife was pretty nervous and it was hard her for to express her thoughts. After some encouragement and a couple more tries, she finally overcame her anxiety and began to act as if she were really talking to her friend. The role play went very well and I can tell it helped her to feel much more comfortable for the time she feels prompted to invite her friend. The special thing for me was, after the role play in giving them feedback, I felt prompted to express with them how grateful the Lord is for their service and desire to be missionaries. It was special when I said "as an authorized representative of Jesus Christ, I want to let you know that He is pleased with your efforts." As soon as I said that, Sister Fisher almost cried and I could tell that she needed to hear that comfort because she does have a great desire to help others, she is just fearful. I am very grateful that I can have those opportunities, when prompted, to speak as a representative of Him and speak the words which He would speak. 

One of the things that I loved most about Elder Nelson's conference was that the Lord can do what we would consider is impossible. He places us into situations where we recognize it is ONLY through Him that the task can be accomplished. He wants us to rely upon Him and trust in Him. Many times we get discouraged because we cannot see how we can have success, but it is in those times that we need to look most to the Savior and realize that whatever He wills, can be done. It takes our faith, in accordance with His will for us to accomplish His work. Another thing I really loved is how he truly came and ministered to the ONE. Each of us had the opportunity to shake his hand. Several missionaries and members were allowed the opportunity to address us and to share their testimonies and feelings. He truly is such an example of love and looking out for "the one." 

This week in reading the Book of Mormon I have learned this same principle of how the Lord puts us into situations to show forth His power. Alma and Amulek were placed into prison and remained there until the point of starving. Then, miraculously they were rescued and the entire prison fell down. Ammon mentions that he will be successful so that He can "show forth the power which is in Him" These examples make me ponder upon how often the Lord may put me in a difficult situation so He can show forth His power in me.

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