Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bankstown 3 Week 7

WHAAA! Why does time always run out :( We once again had another crazy pday where emails had to be put at the end of the day, and I have to leave in 3 minutes to go and give a baptismal interview for a family in our district. Her and her son will be baptized tomorrow evening! :) They are from the Philipines, and are doing quite well. So 2 more baptized for our district!
So as you will read, transfers happened this last Monday. My entire district got transferred except for me and the travelling sisters. Myself and Elder Ng are splitting and we are both training new elders. We will pick them up tomorrow, so I don't know who it is yet, sorry! :) The new elders in our flat though are awesome! They are quite funny in their personality, but are very humble so I know they will have great success! One is from Japan and his English is...... improving :) the other is from Kalamath Falls, Oregon, so it is fun to know someone from the NW here as well!
Love you all so much!
Where has the time gone?! Elder Ng and I it seems just started our time together and now we are seperating so that both of us can train new missionaries. Time truly does fly when you are involved in the Lord's work! This week has been a rush but also has had some great miracles! Though the baptismal dates are still hard in coming, You will find that I am persistent and so I know we will get some this week. We have plans in motion to set 2 this week, so with faith and prayers it will happen. This week in regards to asking for referrals. There was this one investigator Elder Philips and I went to see when I was on trade offs with the Hurstville elders. It was an interesting meeting with him, mostly just us hearing his complaints about his neighbors and family, but after we shared about gratitude through reading the parable of the 10 lepers, He mentioned that we as missionaries should go around healing others as Christ did, and said specifically "you should carry with you a healing message to give to people." I dont think he knew exactly what he was saying because he was exactly right even though he was trying to make a mock of us in a joke. We do carry a message of healing! And funny enough, at the end of the lesson, I asked "brother Michael, we do like to share our message of healing with everyone, who do you know that we could share it with?" Immediately after he gave us a number and an address that we could go visit!, though he "didn't care much for the man" he thought he could use a bit of our healing message, so he gave us his details. Elder Philips was blown away and I thought it was a great miracle as well!
I am grateful for this opportunity to train a new elder. At your training you mentioned that we should feel a great responsibility and that we should not treat this lightly. I do. I will do my best to turn this young missionary into the best "preach my gospel" missionary he can be in 12 weeks. Because with how many more are coming, I wouldn't be suprised one bit if he starts training right after he is trained! That's my goal and vision for him, so I will do all I can to achieve it. This week has been a great one. We set a new record for our member present lessons this week, so that is quite exciting! We will continue to reach new and greater heights in the branch. Plus, we got a new Branch Mission Leader who is an RM and is very excited to help us turn this branch into a ward. It will take some time, but I know it's possible! Thanks for all that you and Sister Lew do for us. I can really feel your love and thank you for it
Elder Shafer

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