Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Kyle has been serving his mission for...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bankstown 3 Week 8

Well, thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's weird to think that this Friday I will no longer be a teenager haha :) But I am excited to spend my birthday doing what I love most! So yes, as you know I am "training" Elder Lam. He is from Hong Kong, a convert of 5 years and is pretty awesome! I say "training" Because he already served 3 months in Hong Kong and is set up and ready to go! I am excited to be his companion! He is helping me a lot with Cantonese already! I love all of his great ideas and his broken English haha. It makes for some great laughs as I mess up in Cantonese and he makes some minor mistakes in English in our conversations. But between the two of us, we are fluent in both Cantonese and English, so it works out alright ;)

Had to respond to a couple Happy birthday emails so I didn't have as much time today, love you all!!!

Hello!! This week has been so great for Elder Lam and I! I hope it has been well for you and Sister Lew as well. It has been a pretty crazy week getting things all sorted out with the training meetings, explaining the area, establishing a good relationship with the new branch mission leader, and planning for some great activities the branch will be hosting for our upcoming "missionary month" that the branch is focusing on this month. But it has all been great! just one small question, you said I would be training. Well, Elder Lam is already trained and ready to go! :) His understanding of the gospel, teaching skills, obedience, and worth ethic amaze me! He and I are both going through the 12 weeks program together again, but I truly feel that it is not me training him one bit, but us reviewing and training one another. His 3 months service in Hong Kong before coming here to Australia has helped him tremendously and he truly is a great asset to this area. We had some great miracles this past Sunday! Studying Chapter 9 of Preach my Gospel as per your request gave me some new ideas for finding and we tried to put them into practice this Sunday after Church. Miracles happened! We were able to add 4 new investigators in the space of less than 4 hours, gave out all of my Restoration Pamphlets that I had in my bag, a copy of the Book of Mormon, and committed someone to watch the Restoration Video that we helped them to find on Youtube. It was an amazing day! :) I have come to realize more and more that when I find, the only thing I need to do is ask questions as directed by the Spirit, and testify. Doing this has brought more success than I could have imagined. I love to be a servant of the Lord and to testify to everyone that I can about Christ. The upcoming week will be another great one indeed, I already know it! :)

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